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Halloween Baking Championship Premiere on Food Network

Halloween Baking Championship
Halloween Baking Championship

Halloween Baking Championship: Due to the on-going Corona Virus Pandemic, studios have stopped producing new shows on Food Network. A huge number of shows are getting delayed. This means a lot of things will not be premiered this summer. Some shows won’t be back till 2021. One of the most fan-favorite show will definitely be back: Food Network’s popular Halloween Baking Championship will premiere a new season this fall on 14th September.

Halloween Baking Championship: Hall’s Interview and Details About the Show

Recently in an interview with Carla Hall, the chef, bestselling author of cookbooks, and judge of Halloween Baking Championship said the production has now officially started for the new season Halloween Baking Championship. However, instead of following the traditional methods, there has been a change of plans.  All cast and crew members were needed to live and quarantine on site of shooting after testing negative for COVID-19. Others working behind the scenes, the crew size was drastically reduced to meet health and safety restrictions. Everyone wore masks and maintained social distancing on set. Although she didn’t share any exclusive details, Hall pointed out that the show’s hair and makeup procedures might look and happen a little differently this year.

Halloween Baking Championship
Halloween Baking Championship

Food Network fans are you ready for the next round of terrifyingly terrific treats?

As per the Food Network, Halloween Baking Championship Season 6 premiere, “Haunted Housewarming” features the following: Firstly, Carla Hall steps in for both hosting and judging duties. Whilst Carla is always compassionate towards the bakers’ trials and tribulations. She will have even more insight into those “ugly delicious” dishes that arrive at the judging table. Secondly, a new judge joins the panel. Though Stephanie Boswell has made an appearance on other Food Network shows, she will swiftly fit in with the witty banter between Carla and Zac Young. Obviously, this will a treat for the fan as they will be watching to see the impressive judges’ Halloween costumes. As per the few of Zac’s tweets, the Food Network team has brought their “A-game.”

A Twist And Turn Full of Season Awaits For the Fans

The 7 episode season of Baking Championship might have a considerable amount of twists and turns for the bakers. As the season takes place on the haunted house theme every week, the bakers need to cope accordingly to the themes. And also project that they are listening to the judges’ feedback. Sometimes it isn’t how you start the competition; it is about the journey through the season. The Halloween Baking Championship series will display 10 competitors battling for the prize in an outdoor kitchen area. They’ll create some of the most haunting and terrifying cakes and deserts that you have ever seen.

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