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elevator accident, Boston’s Allston, accident killed a woman

elevator accident, Boston's Allston, accident killed a woman

A piece of news that caused me to rethink what death is here. Someone rightly said Destiny and death are inevitable. The news of an elevator accident is proof of this saying.  The news that came today about an elevator accident that killed a woman who was in her mid-thirties. The accident took place In the Boston Allston neighborhood and police confirmed the death of women on the scene. An autopsy is to be performed to know the real reasons for the accident.

Suspicious circumstances and old lift

According to sources, two people were at the scene of the accident, the woman lost her life while another man suffers serious injuries. The police were reported at 5 pm and were called to 1140 Commonwealth Ave. But the elevator was found to be stuck on the first floor at the scene.

Boston's Allston, Woman killed in elevator accident

All the emergency medical services responded around 5.15 pm. But the woman was gone. While the other person injured was taken to the hospital was further treatment. The identities and the names of the victims are not revealed by the police so far. But police say all it appears to have happened in a state of the accident.

While the police and OSHA investigated the accident scene, neighbors were driven out from the apartment building into the street.

Frightened People on the scene

A resident living in the building Leah Scorzoni stated- The levator is old fashioned, while I was on the first floor. I have seen police declaring the lady to be dead. They pointed a hand on her and said: ” The lady has gone”.

Another resident Eric Carmichael whose wife was on the first floor at the time of the accident says- “It all happened so fast, that nothing could be done.”She saw the lady going into the elevator with some heavy packages. Eric Carmichael says on this maybe the packages lady carried were heavier and that became the cause of her death.

Frightened and traumatized with the accident Carmichael said-It could happen with anyone. It could have been his wife too. The old elevator should have been kept in up in good condition.

Nevada Foskit who lives across the hall and visits the place very often stated- Although the elevator is of an old system. It has two slide doors unless they are completely closed the elevator doesn’t move. But if that happened there must have been some faults.

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