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Climate Change: Greenland’s ice cap breaks off in Arctic

Climate Chnage
Climate Chnage

Climate Change, Mother nature is giving us a lot. Starting from food to clothes. Basically, We are servants of nature. Without natural resources, we can’t survive. Sadly, we humans are continuously destroying. Moreover, we humans are playing with God’s gifts. Eventually, we cut trees and burn forests. Currently, Greenland’s ice cap breaks off as the Arctic shifts to a new climate regime.

Greenland’s ice cap breaks

Climate Change, a big chunk of the Greenland ice cap is broken. Precisely, 100 square kilometers is broken off in the far north-east Arctic. Basically, it is the result of rapid climate change. Adding to that, the long-frozen region is already shifting to an entirely new regime. Truly, it is sad.

As per the National Geological Survey of Denmark’s and Greenland, say, “The section of the Greenland ice cap, part of the Spalte glacier, broke off the fjord called Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden, which is roughly 80 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide”.

Reportedly, the glacier is at the end of the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream. Basically, it is the place where glacier, flows off and lands in the ocean.

Climate Change: Reason for Greenland ice cap breaking

Reportedly, there are many reasons for the Greenland ice cap breaking. Climate change, rise in temperature, increase in rainfall are some reasons. Basically, it started when fossil fuels are burnt previously. As a result, It increases Carbon dioxide in the air. Moreover, from the era of industrialization, a lot of greenhouse gas emissions happened. Eventually, it causes a rise in temperature. Resulting in the melting of glaciers.

Effects of melting glaciers

Drastic things are happening due to the melting of glaciers. Basically, with the melting of ice sea level increases. With sea level rising, water will come on land. Resulting in many natural disasters. Eventually, Tsunami, the flood will occur. Sadly, all of this will affect human life only. Firstly the houses, crops, fields will get destroyed. Secondly, it will also cause health issues. Reportedly, breathing problems and many others will increase. Moreover, this Greenland Icecap breaks is unfortunate. Apparently, all this is a result of human behavior. Sadly, we humans in the name of modernization and industrialization are destroying mother nature. We need to take action fast. So that we and the upcoming generations live peacefully.