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Sid McCray, the original singer of Washington’s Punk Rock Band has died

Sid McCray
Sid McCray

Sid McCray, the original singer of Washington’s Punk Rock Band, Bad Brains has died. His family shared the news on the Bad Brain’s Facebook page. Along with that, to raise money for McCray’s commemorating ceremony they shared a link to a GoFundMe campaign. The campaign headlined with the words like Sidney McCray also known as McCray, the lead singer and co-founder of the Punk Rock Band, Bad Brains has died on September 9, 2020.

The brief description in the campaign to raise money for Sid McCray’s Memorial

The brief description also stated that Sid McCray loved and recalled by his seven children, friends, family, band members, and all his followers. The campaign has already collected $5000, crossing its target amount. The reason behind his death though is not revealed. The Bad Brains band also paid their tribute to their lead singer. They wrote a statement praying for McCray sail on while resting in peace.

Sid McCray
Sid McCray

Bad Brains lead singer H.R. Credits Sid McCray for Acquainting him to Punk Rock Music

In factual documentation titled Finding Joseph I regarding Bad Brains’ lead man H.R., the musician has given all the credit to Sid McCray for acquainting him to punk rock. McCray was a lead singer of the band, Bad Brain, from the year 1977 to 1978. Then, H.R. and formed a jazz fusion band call Mind Power. In that band, He was the first singer. He made group records titled Sex Pistols and Ramenos, though he left the band before the songs were recorded. In fact, the name Bad Brains was taken from the song Ramos.

Why Sid McCray left Bad Brains

In the documentary book, McCray said that he has sung with the band for some time.  But he left the band when he found that H.R. was a much better singer than him. McCray explained that he didn’t have any competition with H.R. Though he felt H.R.’s style of singing was much better than him. And that H.R. was more theatrical. In spite of that, he acknowledged that he couldn’t set his mind or feel compatible with H.R.’s inclination towards reggae at that time. McCray has uttered that they split up because they both had different views about their individual likings towards music. And how they wanted to form their music. However, he performed with Bad Brains in 2017 for the first time after 39 years of history.

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