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Seattle Pier 58 on waterfront collapses, 2 workers injured

Seattle Pier 58

Following an unfortunate event on Sunday afternoon, several people were rescued from Elliot Bay in Seattle. As per the tweets by the city police, Seattle Pier 58 , also known as Waterfront Park, collapsed due to instability. Two construction workers were injured in the chaos. However, they were immediately transported to the hospital and are now stable. Fortunately, the collapse did not impact the buildings around it.

The Complete Incident

As the pier was beyond repair, the city officials had scheduled to get it removed this weekend. The pier was already very weak. It surrounded a bronze fountain as well. Further, as the demolition workers began to pull it all apart, they heard an alarm go off at around 4pm. Instantly, the seven workers hurried off the 15,000-square-foot chunk. The pier then collapsed into Elliot Bay. Unfortunately, it pulled two of the workers along with it.

The contractor’s on-site safety staff immediately rescued the two injured men. Then, the Seattle Fire Department treated them on-location. The men, 30 and 42, were then transported to Harborview Medical Center. One of them has been discharged while the other is now in stable condition. Thankfully, no one else was injured. Further, Marshal Foster, director of the city of Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects, said,

We knew that the pier was shifting and that there was a risk of collapse, and so a series of additional safety precautions were taken.

Removal of Seattle Pier 58

Initially, the city officials had planned to remove and replace the pier by 2022. However, in early August, they discovered that the pier was slowly moving further away from land. The park was then closed for the public, and an emergency demolition project began. As the weekend approached, the monitoring systems detected that the failure was worsening. Orion Marine Contractors, the city’s contractor on the project, suggested removing parts of the site to stabilize it and delay the collapse.

Moreover, officials stated that the collapse will not stop the demolition work. It will continue with a different method. Nevertheless, the process is even more complicated now. Earlier, the estimated cost was $4.3 million, which was supposed to last until early 2021. Removing the pier requires pulling out the piles that support it, along with the park’s timber and concrete deck. Foster has stated that removal of the pier is much more important than any other thing now that a part of it has collapsed.


The pier was built in 1974. It was home to the four-ton FitzGerald Fountain. However, it was disconnected later. Foster admitted that the fountain was well supported, but the disconnection was heavy on the pier. He further said that the current marine environment is not suitable for such structures. Pier 58 sits near several popular Seattle attractions such as Pike Place Market, the Seattle Great Wheel, and the aquarium.

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