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Ronna McDaniel defends Trump’s handling of COVID-19

Ronna McDaniel
Ronna McDaniel

Ronna McDaniel appreciated President Trump’s efforts in dealing with the global pandemic COVID-19. Also, McDaniel was observed defending the President from the allegations of his counterparts. The people of the USA as well as Trump’s competitors for the 2020 elections aren’t happy with the ways the President is opting. According to a few people, a proper command is needed to handle the adversity of the virus.

Ronna McDaniel: Prior Knowledge

Currently, Ronna McDaniel is the Chair of the Republican Party National Committee. She is also the former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. The 47-year-old lady is the granddaughter of Michigan Governor, who is also a businessman George W. Romney. Furthermore, Ronna is married to Patrick McDaniel.

The impact of COVID in the USA

The global pandemic COVID-19 has trapped the entire world. Every country is facing the adversity of the virus. The entire globe seems to be engrossed in massive trouble. Moreover, among all the countries the United States of America tops the list. The country is severely affected by the virus. Also, the cases seem to be in an acceleration mode with 29,217,206 cases altogether. The numerics are changing rapidly. The battle is getting tougher with each passing time.

A target at the President

The President of America Donald Trump is facing some harsh criticism. The Democrats are openly expressing their distress towards the condition of the country. In addition to this,  Woodward’s reporting has also placed a target over the President. Moreover, the citizens aren’t satisfied with the efforts made by Trump. Also, are willing for a better personality to acquire the President’s position. America being the superpower is facing immense severity due to this virus. The increasing death tolls are pointing a lot of fingers towards Trump.

An effort to defend the President

The Trump administration and Republican Party officials made an effort to defend the President. Amid all the harsh criticism from the competitor and the masses. Trump’s officials are defending him with the whole heart and soul. Also, Ronna McDaniel appreciated Trump. She also showed complete satisfaction towards the ways of the President. During an interaction, the lady backed President Trump.

Further elections are going to be interesting

The competition for the 2020 elections is tough. The Democratic Party face, Joe Biden, is putting all his efforts to overpower Donald Trump. Earlier, Biden also attacked Trump with several harsh questions. Moreover, the former Vice-President blamed the President for the sinking economy of the country. Amid all this growing competition the further elections are going to be really fascinating.

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