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Orland Park’s Sky Zone hosted lock-in event, large fight

Sky Zone

Orland Park’s Sky Zone hosted a lock-in event which resulted in a huge fight, police arrested a few people. Daily, we get to hear of violence, fight incidents. Sadly, people are becoming less cooperative. And day by day, their number of quarrel happens in public space. Basically, humans have now become less tolerant. Sadly, an incident happened at Orland Park Trampoline Park. Reportedly, a fight occurred in the Sky Zone Park.

What’s the matter

Basically, Orland Park’s Sky Zone Trampoline Park is an indoor recreational facility. Reportedly, on Sunday evening, over 800 people were present. As per the police officials, a fight broke out. Actually, Orland Park was hosting a lock-in event on Sunday evening. Reportedly, a fight occurred in Orland Park. Eventually, the neighborhood village officials call the police.

Sky Zone
Sky Zone

Police actions to control violence

The police came to the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Basically, the event was going on and the police arrived. According to Mayor, Keith Peku, 800 people were present at the time. Approximately, Sky Zone’s max capacity is 250 people. Apparently, it was more than allowed. Basically, when the police officer arrived, many minors were also present.

Immediately, the police took action and arrested people. Reportedly, three minors got arrested.  Adding to that, an adult was also arrested, for driving under the influence. Furthermore, the police shut the event and ordered everyone to go home safely.

Consequences Sky Zone will face

Apparently, Sky Zone is in danger after this incident. Several charges are put on Orland Sky Zone park. Basically, charges include two reckless conduct and a fire code occupancy conduct. The authorities can also face the loss of business licenses, for their place. Reportedly, now village officials are seeking to revoke the place license.

Moreover, it was a small incident. Thankfully, the police came at the right moment. Reportedly, at that place many minors were present. Every day, such incidents took place in some place or the other. In the name of party and fun, young children breaks rules and law. Sadly, it is not good at all. Basically, if young children will do this,  bad consequences will happen. Their further studies will get influence badly by this.  We hope that no such incidents take place in the future.

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