On In Hye Found Unconscious at Home , hospitalized

On In Hye
On In Hye

On In Hye, a 36-year-old actress was found unconscious in her home. She lives in the western port city oh Incheon. Though the incident took place at 5 a.m. on Monday. According to the police officer, this was after the cardiac arrest. This statement was given by Incheon Yeonsu Police and the Songdo Fire Department. However, Oh did the emergency procedures before being taken to the hospital. At the hospital, her pulse and breathing stabilized. The police are still doing the investigation of the case. She even received CPR. In 2011, she debuted with film Sin of a Family. Later she took the roles in Red Vacance Black Wedding. Along with this she was in A Journey with Korean Masters and The Plan. There are controversies that she had tried committing suicides. Although we are aware of the South Korean entertainment industry suicide cases in recent years.

On In Hye Wish for fans

The last year’s death is also included, K-pop singer Sulli and Goo Hara. This incident was reported by Oh’s friend. She even wishes her fans on social media a happy weekend. Oh also did drama series Horse Doctor. Along with this The Return tv movie. She is famous for her revealing dress which she wore at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival. She is best known for her acting in 2011’s Red Vacane Black Wedding and eating, talking.

We have seen a lot many cases of deaths which later comes out as suicide. These are very common these days that celebrities are committing this. It is observed that the Korean entertainment industry is very famous among Asians. Also, there might be chances that they are role models of the young generation. Though committing suicide is not the option for them. They must think twice before committing a crime. The reason for Oh’s unconsciousness is not known yet. But the suicides of various Korean celebrities cannot be neglected. There might be some reason behind these commitments. Though Oh is considered among the famous actress in the industry. She is one of the beautiful and bold actresses in the industry. Hope she will back soon and fans could watch her again.



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