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Nvidia, Big tech deal, will buy chip designer for $40 billion

Technology is playing a major role in our life. Basically, we are surrounded by technology. From cell phone to ceiling fan, it’s everywhere. Reportedly, technology is upgrading day by day. Apparently, Engineers, scientists are working every day to invent something new. Technology has helped us a lot. Recently, Nvidia announced to acquire British chip designer the 40 billion mega deals.

Nvidia, What’s the deal

Basically, Nvidia is a Silicon Valley graphics chip maker company. Apparently, its headquarters is in Santa Carla. Reportedly, the company has agreed to pay a whopping amount of $40 billion to buy Arm. Surprisingly, this will be one of the largest semiconductor deals ever. In recent years, the company has progressed a lot. the company has come a long way, far more than its early territory of cutting edge graphics chip for computers and video games.

Nvidia founder and chief executive officer, Jensen Huang has stated in a blog post on Sunday,“AI is the most powerful technology force of our time and has launched a new wave of computing,”.

Nvidia, Mega tech deal, will buy chip designer for $40 billion

SoftBank Group, Arm’s chip designer

Reportedly, the SoftBank Group has agreed to sell chip designer Arm. Basically deal will be locked at $40 billion. Furthermore, the SoftBank group could also get $5 billion in cash. Adding to that, Arm employees will also be paid $1.5 billion in Nvidia shares.

Nvidia’s advantage by buying a chip designer

Previously, the company has stated that it wants to become bigger. Basically, the company wants to become a bigger player in the new and increasingly connected world of artificial. According to the Yahoo Finance site, the company has earned up to $3.39 billion on revenue of $13.06 billion.

By this deal, “We can advance computing from the cloud, smartphones, PCs, self-driving cars and robotics, to the Internet of Things, and expand artificial intelligence computing in every corner of the globe,” Nvidia said.

Basically, the company is doing great my making this deal. Moreover, it will earn a lot of profits from this deal. Plus SoftBank is also getting the justice amount for selling Arm chip designer. Basically, Nvidia will conquer the technology by this chip. Apparently, Nvidia itself is a big company. Previously also it has made major deals. We hope the best of Nvidia for this deal.