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Love Island USA : recoupling, aftermath of Casa Amor

Love Island USA Seaon 2 is amazing.

Love island always remains in controversy. Apparently, the show concept is quite sensational. Reportedly, it is watched by many people in the US. Basically, the show stars many love birds. They test their love, bonding, compatibility. Sadly, the show officials keep on bringing newly twisted. Moreover, it’s not easy to win. Reportedly, in Love Island USA season 2, episode 9 will come with Casa Amor twist.

Casa Amor Twist

Love Island season 2 is the most controversial show in the USA. Basically, episode 19 will be epic. Reportedly, the makers will test couples’ fidelity. Basically, the couple’s have to show their love power in Casa Amor. Reportedly, this episode will be 2 hours long.

Surprisingly, the ladies in the villa were put in a big dilemma. Firstly, to pair up with a new guy. Secondly, to stay loyal and truthful with their previous relationship formed. What a twist! Maker, I must say. Furthermore, the ladies made their choices.

Love Island USA Seaon 2 is amazing.


 Love Island Little recap

Previously, couples got separated from each other that were earlier formed. Furthermore, they were introduced to five new guys and girls. It will be very interesting to watch it further. Moving forward, after making choices, their counterpart would walk out. Surprisingly, whether their partner stuck by them or recoupled with another woman at CASA Amor.

Love Island drama

Starting with Moira and Clavin, both were given the choices. Surprisingly, both of them choose to pair up with a new partner. It was totally shocking or Moira even though she also did the same. Coming to Kierstan and Carrington, it was another shock for viewers. Kierstan chooses to make things better with Carrington. She sticks to Carrington. On the other hand, Caring walks in with Lauren. Oh my God! It breaks Kierstan heart.

Next up was Cely and Johny. Eventually, everyone knows they are in love with each other. Apparently, they both walk in alone. They proved their fidelity and love for each other. Lastly, Conner and Mackenzie, most talked couple in Love Island. Mackenzie chose a new guy, Jalen. Surprisingly, Conner walked alone with a teddy bear for Mackenzie. It left Conner in tears.

Moreover, it was an amazing episode. The drama, bonding, fidelity makes it more interesting for the viewer. Love Island Season 2 is creating a lot of buzz and hype. The upcoming episodes will be more interesting to watch.