Joker return for 2 sequels ,Joaquin Phoenix offered $50 million

Joker return for 2 sequels ,Joaquin Phoenix offered $50 million

The film ‘ Joker’ showed up as an epic movie of 2019. Joaquin Phoenix played the lead role in the mega project. The cast and the story were successful in grabbing numerous eyeballs. However, now the makers are planning to give it a shape of a franchise. The plans for the sequel are in full swing. Joaquin has been offered a whopping amount of 50 million dollars.

Prior knowledge

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix is a renowned American actor. Also, he is an environmentalist, animal rights activist, and a movie producer. The amazing actor has also been awarded several awards. For instance an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, and two Golden Globe Awards. Moreover, his passion for his craft is substantial.

Joker return for 2 sequels ,Joaquin Phoenix offered $50 million

A look into the world of “Joker”

Joker is an American psychological thriller film. The movie got released in October last year. The film is directed and produced by Todd Phillips. The story is based on DC Comics characters. Joaquin Phoenix played the lead character in the movie, as the Joker. The movie received a great response from the audience all over the world. Numerous awards were awarded to this amazing piece of art.

Sequels are on their way

A follow up to 2019’s Joker seems to be expected after the movie’s immense success. Phoenix won several awards for this masterpiece. However, the actor thought that his origin film is going to be standalone. But the maker’s view is equally important. They are planning for the movie’s sequels. Phoenix has been offered a huge amount of 50 million dollars. Negotiations are going on to bring the actor on board.

A four-year plan

If Phoenix agrees to reprise the role of Arthur Fleck/Joker, then the movie will be in production for four years consecutively. Warner Bros wants the second part to be in theaters in 2022. Whereas the third part will make it’s the arrival in the year 2024. To achieve the desired target, the production needs to begin in early 2021. Let’s see when the official confirmation comes our way.

A long process

Making a masterpiece and shaping an epic character is not an easy task. Such things take time. A great character takes a lot from the actor and eventually gives back a lot too. When Phoenix was preparing for his character he said ” I never felt this moment of being done with my workday. I didn’t socialize at all. The person I interacted with was my director Todd Phillips. That became my world “.

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