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Coronavirus Second Wave Hits: Nationwide Lockdown In Israel


Coronavirus has shaken the whole world. WHO has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. Basically, Everyone across the globe is suffering from it. Reportedly, many people are in hospitals. Furthermore, many people have passed away also. It is not easy for the governments also to deal with it. Every Country’s government is taking action to protect its people. Previously, the whole world was put in lockdown. Reportedly, in Israel, the condition is not good.

Coronavirus in Israel

Apparently, in Israel, coronavirus has spread at a wide scale. Reportedly, the number of cases is increasing day by day. Earlier, the Israeli government ordered a lockdown in the country. However, it was lifted afterward. As the cases were less reported. Basically, everyone assumed that coronavirus will end soon. But now, Israel’s condition is worse. Sadly, it didn’t happen. Reportedly, people are affecting daily with this virus.

The second wave of the virus

The second wave of coronavirus is reported. Sadly, the number of COVID-19 positive cases is increasing. Apparently, it has left an adverse effect on the economy and climate change. Reportedly, the Israeli government has again put a lockdown in the country. Basically, this lockdown will last until early October.

Jewish festivals amidst virus

Apparently, Jewish festivals are also approaching. Reportedly, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot are near. Basically, a lot of social gathering of friends, family, relatives takes place in these festivals.
Israel’s citizens are worried about the holidays. However, Israel stated that if the reinstatement of lockdown measures is successful, the restrictions will eventually only apply to COVID-19 hotspots throughout the country. Currently, Israel is in the worst condition.

Reportedly, Israel has experienced 2,715 new infections. Sadly, the number of active cases is 38,000. Moreover, the government is taking severe steps. Actually, Israel is a developed country. Sadly, medical facilities are not provided properly. The government is trying hard to control the cases. But the lack of social distancing is worsening the situation. Death is 3% in this disease. But still, it’s bad. We hope that coronavirus ends soon. People who are in the hospital recovers soon. Meanwhile, we should maintain social distancing. Adding to that we should sanitize our hands. Stay home, stay safe!!

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