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Chemical Exposure at Crash Site, 7 hospitalised, Golden Gate Bridge

Chemical Exposure at Crash Site, 7 hospitalised

Seven people were hospitalized with chemical exposure at a crash site on Sunday afternoon, September 13 including five law enforcement officers and a tow truck driver. The incident took place at the Golden Gate Bridge in California, officials said.

According to a California Highway Patrol spokesman, the exposure started after someone saw a Lexus driving whimsically on the Golden Gate Bridge. The car then dragged towards the central barricade before coming to a complete halt.

California Highway Patrol Officers Reached the Site

Immediately, California Highway Patrol Officers reached the crash and chemical exposure site. Then, one of the officers entered the truck and turned off the engine. At that moment, he noticed that the truck driver was senseless and bluish in skin tone. Paramedics dispensed two doses of Narcan suspecting the driver to be under the influence of opioids

The California Highway Patrol Officers and Golden Gate Bridge Patrol Officers started pulling the vehicle to the other side of the bridge as a course of their action.

The Officer Turned Extremely Ill

Then, the officer who entered the Lexus at first turned extremely ill and non-responsive. Officers confirmed that slowly other officers present at the crash site started experiencing similar symptoms of chemical exposure.
Andrew Barklay, a California Highway Patrol Officer said that the first officer who entered the Lexus started to feel unwell immediately. From his training, the officer knew that the symptoms he felt, was of chemical exposure. Soon, the officer’s discomfort increased and he prostrated. Within a few moments, the fire department officers reached the chemical exposure site and dispensed Narcan to the officers.

The Mill Valley Fire Department Hazmat Team Was Called

The officers then called The Mill Valley Fire Department hazmat team to decontaminate various vehicles present at the chemical exposure site including the Luxor and the California Highway Patrol cruisers. The hazmat team also treated some of the conceivably chemical exposed people.

In contrast to The hazmat did not find any amount of Fentanyl in contrast to the California Highway Patrol Officer’s initial suspect, but they found another chemical.

The Material Found in the Chemical Exposure Site has Tested negative for Fentanyl

California Highway Patrol Officers confirmed that the material found in the chemical exposure site has tested negative for Fentanyl. However, the officers believe that Fentanyl was mixed with it. It is because they feel that the symptoms and reactions to the treatment of chemical exposure were similar to that of Fentanyl.

The Lexus truck driver was taken into San Francisco County Jail on suspicion of DUI and holding of a controlled substance. All of those admitted to hospitals have been treated and released.

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