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Bel- Air Mansion now on Airbnb hosted by Will Smith

Bel- Air
Bel- Air

Bel- Air: Now fans have a beautiful chance to build up the beautiful memories in Bel-Air Mansion as it is going to welcome the people. Will Smith himself opened the door of his kingdom and it will be hosted by Smith himself on Airbnb. As per the statement issued by Airbnb, the Fresh Prince is going to revolve things upside down one more time for the people of the town where he started his monarchy.

Bel-Air on rent

The show’s first episode had telecasted on September 10, 1990. now once again Real life Bel-Air mansion is going to entertain its guests for five different one night stay. It has been scheduled for Oct. 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14 and it will be charged $30 a night.

In consequence, Airbnb said,

“The actor and enterpreneur is adding Airbnb host to his long resume and opening the doors to his former ‘Kingdom’ so fans can create some memories of their own”.

Last week Will Smith announced the bootstrap of the series. He said that he is approaching the mansion’s owners so they can allow him to list it.

Facilities at Mansion

The guests will be allowed to stay in the wing of Will Smith. They can acquire to his expensive and opulent bedroom and bathroom, and also the dining room along with poolside lean back. Few of the fortunate guests may get an opportunity to have looked upon Will’s closet for his paradigmatic clothes. Guests who qualify to get the chance to stay in the mansion can also appeal to book the iconic Bel-Air Mansion. Will Smith mentioned that he will not be there at Bel-Air during its rent. He also gave information that his music collaborator Jazzy Jeff and the mansion keeper will welcome the guests practically with the welcoming lines,

Give you the lay of the land”.

Last but not Least

Airbnb is seeking for the donation to the boys and girls club of Philadelphia. Bel-Air Mansion will also follow all the local COVID-19 guidelines and issued protocols by authorities and Airbnb will check up and enhance all the sanitary and safety measures regarding coronavirus infection on the account of its high risk.

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