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Afghanistan government & Taliban Peace Talk,Could End Violence

Afghanistan government

The Afghanistan government and the Taliban government is finally come over after repeated delays. The talks were supposed to begin in March. But the Taliban is attacking Afghan forces continuously. However, this all made in the delays of the talks. However, to meet the Afghans is the condition for the U.S. Taliban deal. Thus the Islamic militants agree for the talks. This took place in Doha, Qatar. The commencement held on September 12. This is the step towards ending the decades’ war in Afghanistan. Although we know that peace is far from guaranteed. However only on the first day, various casualties seen. More than 100 people were wounded and killed in Afghanistan.

Although there is even conflict on the release of the detainee. Afghanistan refuses to release them. Until and unless the Taliban release theirs. There are various disputes between the two countries.

Promises made by the Afghanistan government

There are various promises broken between the two. The Afghan peace process has been unable to confirm the relationship. There are no good relations with al-Qaida. Since the US-Taliban accord violence has been increased. Even after all this fighter will continue their jihad. These fighters are of the Taliban and they have insisted. Though the organization is not actually committed to peace. Mutual distrust means peace could collapse.


It is for sure that Afghanistan people are ready for sacrifice. There are some people who agree with this condition. But there is a doubt. It might happen the Taliban will no longer be accountable. There is also various fear. The loosing of women’s empowerment, increased freedom of speech. These things might happen. These are rights won with blood. The citizens cannot put them in danger. The stakes of the talk are very high. Although the talks are necessary. But we cannot deny the damage it could spread.

The agreement was signed on February 29, 2020. This was between the U.S. and the Taliban. The big reason for the disputes is power. Taliban take advantage of this and operates Afghanistan. Various negotiations took place. But in the end, the citizens have to suffer. There is hope that these talks could bring peace. But this brings fear as well. Dear of loss of property and lives. The rights of women need to be protected. The must not be suppressed.

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