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Wendie Malick reveals the ‘obsessive’ Lifetime movie character

Wendie Malick
Wendie Malick

Wendie Malick spoke about her character of Barbara and mentioned it as “Obsessive“. As a new lifetime movie entitled “Deranged Granny” was get premiered on September 12 Saturday on a lifetime. Additionally, she opened about her character calling it “very intriguing” She explained about herself that she loves to play the roles which seem complicated and challenging.

Wendie Malick’s Obsessive Character Barbara

Wendie Malick in an exclusive interview revealed about the obsessive character she played in the lifetime movie Deranged Granny. She found it pretty fun. According to her, the role of Barbara was so interesting to her because she possesses a few good people skills. Barbara is a kind of character who is a very delightful and very caring person. She has the quality to drop an impression on others to consider her a good friend. But at the same time, she can be proven so tough to those who try to cross their lines with her.

Wendie elaborates on her character and said that Barbara is the person who has no limits to go for what she desires. According to Wendie, the character of Barbara will stop at nothing. Overall, Wendie revealed her character very “Intriguing“.

Wendie Malick choose her roles-

In an exclusive interview, Wendie was asked a question that how she chooses her roles as over several years she has played a lot of comedy and drama. She replied that all good chronicle has some little moments full of humor and later there could be the moments which would be darker and much more serious. Wendie compares real-life with reel life and said that in the reality, that’s what life is like. She continued her answer and said that this world is not just a sitcom world. The world in which we are actually living, everything is not only doom and bloom. She exemplified the real-life and the real-world as the roller-coaster where we all live together having fun and serious moments too.

The message of life

Wendie Malick gave a very positive, motivational, and healthy live message to everyone saying that we all should try to portray some little but beautiful components of humor and drama in our real life to make it much happier, memorable, and gratifying.

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