UFC on ESPN + 35 results: Ottman Azaitar brutalizes Khama Worthy

UFC on ESPN + 35 results: Ottman Azaitar brutalizes Khama Worthy

Last night a boxing match took place. The face-off was between Ottman Azaitar and Khama Worthy. However, Ottman won the match. He brutalized his opponent Khama Worthy. Some live-action was witnessed. The boxing fans were thrilled. The high and lows of the match brought some thrilling twists and turns. Some massive energy was observed.

Prior Knowledge

Ottman Azaitar is a German-Moroccan boxer. He was born on 20th February 1990. The birthplace of the boxer is Cologne, Germany. His siblings are Abu Azaitar and Omar Azaitar. Ottman is also known as ” Bulldozer”.

Khama Worthy is an American boxer. The 33-year-old boxer was born on 15th October 1986. His birthplace is Pittsburgh, United States. He is also trained in martial arts. Khama is also famous as ” The Deathstar “.

A great knock-out

A match took place between Khama Worthy and  Ottman AzaitarAzaitar on Saturday. In a lightweight bout, the two competitors had a tangle at UFC on ESPN+ 35. Azaitar landed a series of strikes until Worthy dropped. Azaitar blitzed him with more strikes for the finish in the first round. From the beginning of the match, Kama was completely overpowered by Ottman.

The winner

Initially, there was little action in the first minute of the fight. But after Khama let loose, it became easy for Ottman. Things were over in a hurry. Azaitar (13-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) stayed unbeaten and gave Worthy a quick knock out. Worthy (16-7 MMA, 2-1 UFC) was taken out by his opponent. All this happened in just 93 seconds. With the help of a TKO,  Azaitar achieved his win last night.

A look at the match

In the first minute, feints from both the fighters were featured. But just a few seconds later, Azaitar landed a big pair of punches. Worthy was stunned with this sudden attack. The big punches of Azaitar didn’t let the Kama settle properly. Lastly, the results went in favor of Ottman Azaitar.

A memorable fight

The match between Ottman Azaitar and Khama Worthy may not have brought star power. But was definitely a memorable fight. Unlimited power was witnessed by boxing lovers. After the match,  the winner had a conversation in which he said, ” The game plan was to go three rounds. When I get in these situations, I don’t stop. I don’t put on the brakes. Even though my coaches told me, ‘If you punch him, don’t go straight for the finish. Take it easy and look for the situation.’ But for me, I don’t know. If I get in that situation, I cannot stop myself once I smell blood.”

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