Rockets vs. Lakers score: Los Angeles finishes Rockets in Game 5

Rockets vs. Lakers

NBA is seeing the best thrills in this season. From astonishing wins to heartbreaking losses, it is all there at Rockets vs. Lakers. The spectacular win of the Lakers stunned everyone. They although lost the first game of the Western Conference semifinals, but they bounced back. Winning four games straight away and finally, they proved their gaming skills after knocking out Houston Rockets 199-96. The win took them to a lead of 4-1 and advancing them to Western Conference finals since 2010.

Game Highlights at Rockets vs. Lakers

Rockets vs. Lakers: both tried their best potentials for the win. But the game shifted to Lakers in the first half itself. They took a lead in the quarter-time and then never looked back. They were leading with 15 points back then. The rest of the game was dominated by the Lakers and the Rockets were seen to be under immense pressure.

LeBron James was the star player from Lakers who looked so dominant and confident at the same time. He set out the fire on both ends of the court. His presence took the Lakers to finally land on, winning the game. The gaming skills of him justified his talent and love for the game. With an impeccable performance, he scored 29 points, with 11 rebounds and 7 assists. All in just 31 minutes. This was more than stunning! His best performance since the postseasons.

On the other hand, For Houstons, it was quite hard since the start, making a run late in the second quarter and early in third. All this led them to a complete fall. They shot just 37.1 percent from the field and turned the ball over 12 times in the loss.

LeBron JamesReturn of LeBron James: The Legend

LeBron didn’t make to NBA Finals since 2010, And also he didn’t make any playoffs since 2005. It has been the main driving force behind his mission to perform well indeed. He set out his tone early, looked for rims, and tried to score multiple baskets in starting minutes. A marvelous coast to coast slam was also there. All just in 30 minutes was a great deal to watch for viewers and fans.

Many of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact that a History was also made In the game, LeBron now joins Oscar Robertson to as the only two players in NBA postseason history to put up at least 250 points, 100 rebounds, and 80 assists in their first 10 games of a playoff season

Another chronicle for the Lakers was their 3-point shooting, knockdown of 19 shots from downtown, they acquired a new franchise playoff record.

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