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L.A. County Sherrif ‘s Officials report, two deputies were shot in Compton

L.A. County Sherrif 's Officials report, two deputies were shot in Compton

As per the statements reported by L.A. County Sherrif Officials, two deputies were shot in the patrol car. This all happened at a metro rail station and seemed to be a pitfall without any rousing. According to authorities, this incident took place at 7 P.M. near the Compton Sherrif’s Station. In a conference with media at night Sheriff, Alex Villanueva informed that two deputies, one female deputy who is 31 years old and another male deputy who is 24 years old both were shot down and get so harmed. they both were in a serious condition and were undertaken surgery in the evening.

Villanueva’s frustation

From the department of County Sherrif, Villanueva reported that both the deputies were capable of radio for any kind of help. He seemed quite angry over the incident. He also showed his frustration to media over those sediments which are working as anti-police and pleased people to pray for their deputy officers and hope for their good health.

Unclear picture

Los Angeles County Sherrif’s department posted a video on their official twitter account in which a person was doing open fire with a pistol through the window of the patrol car. According to Captain Kent Wegener, those deputy officers who weres shot down, their officers were surrounding the location in the search of that suspect who was in the video.  The department of Los Angeles County Sheriff informed that the shooter ambled by the side of the passenger of the patrol car may be in the account to pass the vehicle but instead of it the shooter opened fire from the window.

After the incidence of the shooting FBI Los Angeles affirmed that they are ready to intervene to abet their local officialdoms and are going to supply all mandatory resources to them.

On this incident President Donald Trump also provide his statement putting weight on it through his official twitter account and retweeted on that video texting, “Animals that must be hit hard”.

Step ahead

The Department comprising fourteen homicide inspectors along with other authorities are now looking for canvassing the entire spot of that shooting to search more information regarding the whole incidence of shooting

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