Jim Nill finishes third in voting, Jim Gregory General Manager of the year

On Saturday, an announcement was made by the National Hockey League (NHL). This was an award-giving ceremony. The award presented in the ceremony was the Jim Gregory General Manager of the year. Stars general manager Jim Nill finished third in the voting. While Islanders general manager Lou Lomoriello took the award last night.

Prior knowledge

Jim Nill is a former Canadian ice hockey player. He played in the NHL throughout the 1980s. The brilliant player had won several awards. He also had won the prestigious Stanley Cup. The massive player retired in the year 1990. Currently, Nill is appointed as the general manager of the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League.

Jim Nill finishes third in voting, Jim Gregory General Manager of the year

The Jim Gregory General Manager of the year award

This prestigious award is given to the top National Hockey League general manager. The winner is decided by a 41 member panel, including 31 general managers, five NHL executives, and five media members. The award is awarded annually. This award is given to the managers for their massive contributions. For the first time, the award was presented in the year 2010. After the death of former NHL executives, the award got renamed after him.

The winner

Last night, the NHL hosted an award ceremony. The National Hockey League made an announcement before game 4 of the Western Conference final. While the Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello was the winner of the night. Jim Nill, who is the general manager of the Dallas Stars, acquired the third spot. Nill received eight of the 40 first-place votes. He received 61 points altogether. Nill surpassed Colorado GM, Joe Sakic, with one point. The Dallas Stars are in the conference final for the first time since 2008. The entire credit for this goes to Jim Nill, who has been the main architect.

All about the event

The voting was done by the league’s GMs. Also supported by a panel of NHL executives, along with print and broadcast media. The process of voting was conducted after the second round of the playoffs. Reportedly, four of the top five finishers are GMs of teams that are still a part of the league. They are playing in a great manner with the whole heart and soul.

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