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Jasmine Roth Shares the Do’s and Don’ts of Home DIYs

Jasmine Roth
Jasmine Roth

Home is the most comfortable and cozy place for us to live. Our home defines us. Basically, Different people have different types of homes. Some have old-fashioned while others have a modern touch. Some have a wooden finish, a lot of furniture, while others have a minimalistic touch. Eventually, every home is unique in its own way. There are many creative things we can do it with DIY (do it yourself). Moreover, Jasmine Roth, HGTV star and Master renovator to help us with her new series, Help! Wrecked My House.

Help! Wrecked My House

Basically, in this show, overzealous homeowners finish complex DIY (do it yourself) projects to turn their home into beautiful functional space. Isn’t it great? Furthermore, in this show, Roth and her team will work to redeem home.
Actually, they will redeem homes that have failed, with improvement plans. Basically, each episode of her shows follows California natives. Accordingly, she will work to reset DIY with her signature skills and refreshing practicality tailored or each other. So, help! Wrecked My House will revolve around this only.

Jasmine Roth home

Sadly, as the pandemic is still going on, people follow to stay at home orders. Eventually, many homeowners are currently turning to DIY projects. Moreover, in Roth talk with, she tells many things. According to her, a good deal of DIY requires professionals.
Many DIY ideas can turn worse. So, she focuses on two aspects that need professional for sure. Help! Wrecked My House will check safety as well as the interior of the home.

home DIYSafety with DIY in the home

We all can’t do everything with ourselves. Even if we are a home tinker, we need professionals. The two things, electricity and plumbing  surely should be done by professionals. Basically, there is a reason that they are called professionals. Even though, she encourages people who have knowledge and skill to” go for it”. While hiring professionals, we must make sure that they have permits.

Eventually, in the future, someone will come from the city or an inspector, and you have to bring everything up to code at that point. Sadly, if they found anything wrong, you have to pull up or rip out everything you have done.

To conclude, In Help! Wrecked My House, she will make people in love with their home again. Firstly, she will moderate them with her skills and knowledge. Secondly, she will make sure that everything is within the city code and instructions. Help! Wrecked My House will premiere tonight. Make sure you give it a watch.