Coastal Elites Review: Must watch American comedy television film

Coastal Elites
Coastal Elites

Coastal Elites is an American comedy television film. Their cast is Bette Milder, Kaitlyn Dever, Dan Levy, Sarah Paulson, and Issa Rae. Coastal Elites, the premise on Saturday night on HBO. Thus this is an explosion of emotions about life in 2020. This movie shows the characters break down. All they go through is pandemic, politics, and culture. Though the movie is too much obsessed with Trump. This movie had nothing good to say about President Trump. But he should be flattered by it all the same.  This movie is written by Paul Rudnick and directed by Jay Roach. Late movie depicts how people deal with this new normal. Thus the cast has been shown a relationship with the president.

Bette Milder is a Jewish grandmother who is arrested after a fight over a MAGA hat. Issa Rae is a former classmate of Ivanka Trump. Sarah Paulson is a YouTuber meditation guru. Thus the movie is found very busy being mad about Trump. However, it forgets about anything else at all. However, the movie predicts to revolve around the new normal. The butter we found that it is only about Trump. Trump is the only lens through which these characters view the issues. They all are against Trump. Though they find this the only way to overcome their problems.

Coastal Elites: Overview

Miriam in particular was seen to be claimed in a rage over Trump every night. She even wakes up panicking over him every morning. There is a very little burst of very good writing in the show that too in the begging. But it is also considered a perfectly aligned. As the heroes and villains seem to be perfectly aligned. Also, they agree that their world revolves around Trump. The movie is streaming on HBO and HBO Max.

Though this outbreaking of the virus has created a lot of controversies about Trump. But the viewers of the movie may not find cathartic enough to sit. This is all because of the too much Trump. This movie is presented in full on monologist styles. There is a very less clever reality. This all makes sharp over the reflection.

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