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Clemson Athletics COVID-19 tests report, 24 positiveresults

Clemson Athletics COVID-19 tests report, 24 positiveresults

We all are aware of COVID-19 and its situation. Sadly, Coronavirus has shaken the whole world. Basically, every day we get to hear about new cases, deaths. It’s not at all easy to deal with all this. Eventually, our normal life has changed drastically in the last few months. Reportedly, The Coivd-19 started in Wuhan city, China. From that epicenter, it has spread to the whole world. Now Clemson Athletics is in the news. Reportedly, coronavirus is spreading a lot in Clemson Athletics.

Clemson Athletics COVID-19 tests report, 24 positiveresults

Clemson Athletics and COVID-19

Sadly, this virus is spreading like a wildfire. Its symptoms are very normal. Accordingly, Normal fever, cold, cough are symptoms. It’s not easy to detect them. Surprisingly, Clemson Athletics comes in bad news with COVID-19 tests. Reportedly, man tests were done among Clemson Athletics.

No of positive results

Recently, in the second round of testing COVID-19, tests are not in the favor of the team. Sadly, Clemson has 24 positives cases of coronavirus. Reportedly, out of 24 COVID-19, 19 were students and 5 were staff members.

As per the officials of Clemons, since June 1 department has completed, 3,825 tests. Sadly, they have returned with 102 positive tests. In 102 positive cases, 84 were students athletics sadly.

Previous COVID-19 test

Earlier also test were done in Clemson Athletics. Previously, the school reported around 18 positive cases. Reportedly, in this 14 were students athletics. Accordingly, 677 tests were done. As per the reports, the Clemson football team was tested positive morning before leaving for Winston-Salem sadly.

Coronavirus is spreading very fast among Clemson Aethilics. From one person, it is affecting the other. Eventually, that’s why they are a daily more number of cases in the players. Basically, the Association needs to be very careful now, so that they don’t spread it to other people or their family members.

However, Coivd-19 is still going on. Amidst the coronavirus, we need to be very careful. Maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, frequent sanitizing must follow all these safety hazards. If you have any symptoms of coronavirus, then immediately get yourself tested. Isolate yourself at home. Basically,  Try to stay indoors only. We wish luck and speedy recovery for Clemson Athletics. Stay at home, stay safe. Health is wealth!!