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Apple is the top iOS company. It’s devices, whether its cell phone or a watch its always been on our wish list. Basically, Apple is the best. Mostly, in youth Apple craze is more. Moreover, many people use Apple devices as a status symbol too. Reportedly, Now Apple is organizing a Time Flies event this year.

Apple launch event 2020

Apple’s Times Flies” event all set to held on this September 15. Reportedly, people are assuming that maybe Apple 12 series will launch in this event. Moreover, as per the rumors 12 series will launch in October. Well, the truth will unveil on September 12. Reportedly, the iPad, next  Apple Watch launch are also expected in the Time flies’ event. Basically, people are eagerly waiting for this event.

Details about Time Flies event.

Amidst the pandemic, this event will be held virtually. Reportedly, in “Time Flies” event video will be pre-recorded by Steve Jobs Theater and Apple Park. Previously, WWDC 2020 event was also organized in the same manner. Precisely, you can attend this event on Apple’s YouTube channel, website, or via the Apple TV app. The timing of this event is 10 am PT in the morning. Accurately, in India timing is 10:30 pm, according to Indian Standard time.

Time Flies Event

Basically, in this event, we can expect the unveiling of new Apple gadgets. Reportedly, the announcement of new Apple TV, iPad, Air Tags, Apple watches, iOS 14 MacBook and many more can unveil in this event. Moreover, a lot of details about Apple’s gadgets come out before their launch only.
Starting from, Apple’s new TV with Siri remote to New watches at cheaper rates. Adding to that, Apple Watch 6 series with oxygen level detection can also launch. Reportedly, we can also expect Apple iPad 4. As per the reports, iPads 4 will look like iPad 4.

Moreover, Apple has never failed to amaze us. Apple is famous across the globe for its gadgets. Basically, Apple is a bit costly brand but still, people love it. Now the apple’s Time Flies event is all set this year on September 15. We wish luck for Apple and hope we get more and more new gadgets at a reasonable price.

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