Boston Celtics And Toronto Raptors, Celtics Take Down Champions

Boston Celtics And Toronto Raptors, Celtics Take Down Champions

The Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors were necking each other as the put face for seven games each. While NBL Season is a delight a winner needs to be prized too. The Celtics playing up their best foot gave a 92-87 win in game 7 on Friday Night. Boston going into ultimate fours and the raptors ‘Defending Champions’ are on their way home.

The Celtics have taken their legitimate place in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Every second of the 7-minute gamekeeping everyone on the hook defending champions making it for the righteous game. The Celtics will counter Miami Heat in the Eastern finals. Jayson Tatum leads Boston with 29 points and Toronto’s lead player Fred Van Vleet scoring 20.

Miami tackled the top-notch Milwaukee Bucks for 5 Matches. The duo looks familiar but no same faces will face each other. Udonis Haslem being the sole player on either roster to play in the last Eastern Conference finals matchup in 2012. Raptors Season is ending and it is painful but it was bound to happen when the best players didn’t put in their game.

Boston Celtics And Toronto Raptors, Celtics Take Down Champions

Boston Celtics And Toronto Raptors, THE GAME

We were all skeptical when the Raptors were sending flying indications that they won’t make out of the game. History is repeating itself as it did in 2019. Raptors had Kawhi Leonard last year, replacing him either with Pascal Siakam or equivalent player. Teams without a prodigy or an excellent player barely win. Though Raptors did fight tooth and nail to come so far.

Celtics two major players Jayson (29 points) and Kemba Walker (21 points). Together the duo struggling to score only 4 less fourth-quarter points than the Raptors team put together. Toronto’s offensive game on losing had Fred Van Fleet dribbling aimlessly for 24 seconds to lose to Jaylen Brown. Vanvleet and Siakam are the star players


After Kawhi, the Raptors are down in the game. While making the journey they made a statement on what a strong team they truly are. Toronto did nothing to replace its Final MVP. The Raptors had a better winning chance compared to last season. Truly witnessing a game of ‘Defending Champions’ not winning was heartbreaking.

Tatum and Brown coming out as torchbearers twice in three years under 24 are exemplary. The unapplauded warriors will always have our hearts. Celtics made a tough decision as center Daniel Theis had foul trouble. Celtics spending $5 million on Kanter had him proving right his nickname. He couldn’t even stay on the floor struggling perimeter defense when Brad Stevens lend a helping hand.

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