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Realme 7 releases it new update, RMX2151_11_A.43 build number

Realme 7 releases it new update, RMX2151_11_A.43 build number

As the days are passing, technology is increasing simultaneously. We all are surrounded by new technologies. Whether it’s our home or office, we carry mobile phones with us. Nowadays, every single person has a cell phone. From students from schools to parents in office or home, everyone has a cell phone now. Basically, with the latest technology, our life has become easier. In today’s competition, we all want to have the best of everything. Whether it’s home, car, or cell phones. Now a well-known brand Realme is coming with Realme 7.

Realme 7 series

Recently, Realme revealed its 7 series of phones. It consists of Vanilla Realme 7 and Realme Pro. Apparently, this new Realme 7 series has a lot of updates. Surprisingly, they have issued their software update. Shockingly, they made this revelation after the one day of its sale for the first time.

What’s new in the Phone.

The latest update of Realme 7 consists of an August security patch, bug fixes, improvements in the camera, and optimization. Basically, The Latest version has a lot of amazing features. Starting with The latest update to this phone has the RMX2151_11_A.43 build number and is 306 MB in size.

Camera features

This update gives us many cameras features like 64MP Pro Mode to the Realme 7 camera. This will help us to tweak and shutter ISO and speed. It will also help us to white balance when shooting with 64 MP.

Along with this, it will also have optimized charging speed. Adding to that, this new software also supports Amazon Alexa hotword in the Realme.

How to update

If you have already purchased the phone, then you will get an update notification in the setting up process itself. But if you are planning to buy, then it will automatically show the update. This new update is rolled out as an OTA update.

Moreover, the new Realme is powered with MediaTek Helio GG95. Basically, This new phone is great. Reportedly, The price of the phone is rs. 14,999. The variant of the phone is 64GB6GBRAM with 64/6 GB and a battery of 5000 mAh. I suggest you give this new phone a try.