Paul Walker Birth Anniversary,Remembering The Fast and Furious Star

Paul Walker Birth Anniversary,Remembering The Fast and Furious Star

The life lived matters the most, not the time span. The following lines truly suit the Former Star Paul Walker, whose passion was acting and racing. Paul Walker whose life and career were short but the life he lived was grand than others. The memorable roles he portrayed in this short life has made him immortal in the hearts of his fans. His cosmic performances in the movies-Into The Blue, Eight Below, Varsity Blues, Joy Ride, Timeline. were all tremendous and sparkling.

What he said became true

Back in 2013, The epitome of talent, and a person who was a philanthropist and a great human being died in a car accident in California on November 30. He once stated- If one day the speed kills me don’t be sad because I will have died smiling. And the speed really took his life away. Leaving his fans and daughter crying behind the actor went to the heavenly abode. He was just 40 at the time of his accident.

The whole fan community of Walker, his friends,co-actors, and crew members all were left behind in a shock with his sudden demise back then. His death was mourned by the whole cast of Fast and Furious back then. Paul was in the middle of the filming when he met his tragic fate.

Walker lived a grand life and died Fast and Furious.

Recalling the incident his friend Jim stated- Paul lived life and dies fast and furious. He was the lover of speed and cars, but who knew destiny will take him away with the things he loved. Later Paul’s brother Cody played his role in the unfinished film. Also, scenes of paul were included in the movie.

He along with his friend Roger Rodas were on their way to a charity function, But later Roger lost control over the vehicle which was at 100mph, and then the car burst into the tree. Sooner the fire broke out and the duo died in a tragic accident. His friend Jim Thorp who was among the firsts to visit the accident site tried to pull out the actor but Sheriff’s stopped him after seeing 20 feet rising flames.

Paul will be remembered forever

Not just that he was a Good Actor, Paul was also A tremendous and lovely human being.

Wishing him A very Happy Birthday!! You will be in our hearts forever!! Stay Safe and Happy wherever you are.

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