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Naya Rivera ‘s drowning accident have been revealed in her autopsy

Ventura County Medical Examiner has released the Glee star Naya Rivera ‘s full autopsy and investigative reports. The investigative report states that on 8th July the mother-son duo went on a boating trip at Lake Piru in Ventura County, California. Rivera’s 4-year-old son Josey said that before the star sinks into the water and drowned, they counted “1, 2, 3” and jumped off the boat together.

What does the Investigation Report and Autopsy Report Say?

The reports say, after diving into the water, Josey said his mother asked him to get back on the boat. Moreover, the Glee star helped her son onto the boat and, her son heard Naya scream for help before drowning into the water. Officials confirm that though Rivera was in good health, she had a history of vertigo which gets worse when in water. A few days later, the body of the actress was recovered from the Ventura County lake.

As per the reports, she had a low level of amphetamine and diazepam, caffeine, and a blood-alcohol level of 0.016%. The autopsy did not clearly say whether the medication and alcohol played a role in her death. Her blood-alcohol level was five times lower than the legal limit for drunken driving in California, 0.08%.

Naya Rivera's drowning accident have been revealed in her autopsy

Naya Rivera’s Toxicology Report

As per Rivera’s toxicology report, the actress had low amounts of amphetamine (Adderall, Dexedrine), diazepam, ethanol, and phentermine in her body, and 0.016 level of blood alcohol, along with caffeine, during the time of her death.

The report says that the police found Naya Rivera’s cell phone, syringes with pink substance, identity cards, prescription slip in her purse. Additionally, three 12 ounces White Claw alcohol cans were found near the location, a bag of food items were also found near the front of the boat.

Possibilities of Naya Rivera’s Death

She was found in a two-piece swimsuit. As per the reports that afternoon wind speeds on the lake were to 21 mph, although she was a good swimmer. Investigators assume it is possible winds blew the boat away from her while she was in the water and made it harder to get back to the small vessel.

Over the years Lake Piru has seen numerous drowning cases and the actress’s death prompted for a petition that calls for warning signs for swimmers of its dangerous conditions.

On 24th July Naya Rivera was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

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