Giants players have been tested positive for COVID

Giants players

The ups and downs of MLB have taken a new shift. The surprisingly successful season of Giants meets a new turmoil. The successful season of theirs has suddenly gone upside down after the Giants players were tested positive for COVID. A Giant official stated -Nobody will comment on the issue till Saturday.

Although neither the MLB nor The Giants have confirmed who it was! But according to a source, it is confirmed that the person is a player of the team. The speculations regarding the cancellation games have risen to the next level after the news.

Giants players

Games Postponed

Although this is not the first case, of players being tested positive for COVID, the successful playoff by Giants will surely be affected by the incident. Friday’s game was postponed at the last moment before the scheduled pitch. Players were found running and stretching out in the clips.

Later both teams arranged for a moment and paid their respects to victims of 9/11, and the National Anthem was played. But Padres didn’t take the field and announced the games being postponed.

Around 45 games have already been postponed in this season due to the sporadic spread of the Corona Virus irrespective of all safety measures.

Now, after another Positive a  series of safety rules and protocols will be followed by MLB to ensure the safety of both the teams. The minimum shutdown will be for 4 days as advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The games are although postponed for the same.

If conditions will be stabilized chances are Giants will return on Seattle amid Tuesday night. Many others wereBut if more positives are found the long will be the delay.

Friday night’s game was a second chance for their final(nine gamer) game trip. Let’s see what the future beholds.

Many other players were also tested positive before

Daniel Mengden of the A’s was tested positive for the virus in mid-august and later the team has to take a break of five days, although none else from the team was found positive after him. The Cardinals also were idled for two weeks when a series of positive tests were deciphered amid the team players.

The rules of MLB states for thorough checking and contact tracing to ensure the safety of other players. These protocols will be followed thoroughly. As stated By MLB.

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