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Don’t worry, Darling joins hands with Harry Styles, movie created a buzz

Don't worry, Darling joins hands with Harry Styles, movie created a buzz

Hollywood’s movies always create buzz around the whole world. Basically, when any movie is announced, we wait for its release. Moreover, the Hollywood movie’s screenplay, direction, story are mostly on another level. “Don’t worry, Darling”, is a film in making. Basically, this movie is creating quite a buzz regarding its caste. Now, Harry Styles join hands with Don’t worry, Darling”.

Harry Styles in “Don’t worry, darling”

Harry Styles has boarded Don’t worry, darling. This movie direction is in the hands of Olivia Wilde. She is an incredible director. Basically, She has won the Independent Spirit Award for the Best First Feature for “Book smart”. Harry Style is no less, he himself is “Dunkirk” star. Previously, he was a music star with band one direction. Dunkirk was his debutant movie as an actor. Harry Styles is smart and handsome. He has created a space in the fan’s heart in a short span of time.

Story of this movie

Reportedly, details about the movie is not yet out. This movie is still in progress. Moreover, this movie is a psychological thriller. Harry Styles along with Dakota Jackson, Chris Pine, Florence Pugh will star in the movie. Furthermore, New Line is planning a fall production start. Basically, this movie is set in an isolated community in the California desert in the 1950s.

Details about the movie

However, Olivia Wilde, Silberman Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee and Miri Yoon are a producer of Don’t worry, Darling. In August 2019, Don’t worry, Darling was brought by New Line. The movie comes in hands after18 bids were submitted for the project with Wilde and Silberman attached. The deal comes in the hand of Olivia Wilde’s acclaimed directorial debut “Booksmart”. Surprisingly, this movie screenplay is in the hands of “Booksmart” writer, Silberman.

Moreover, this movie has already grabbed a lot of limelight. The cast, director, producer are all top-level in this movie. “Don’t worry, Darling” title itself is catchy. The creators of the movie are doing a great job. This movie is trending even before its filming. We hope this movie does wonders in the box-office and stands up to people’s expectations. This movie is in the right hands.

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