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President Donald Trump mocked by CNN , For Made-Up 9/11 Stories

President Donald Trump mocked by CNN , For Made-Up 9/11 Stories

President Donald Trump has a long-running record of failures, lies, and various manipulations. Despite all this, he thinks highly of himself. CNN anchor John Avlon spoke in detail about the previously mentioned anniversary. This has compared a number of Trump’s 9/11 claims next to the truth. He even exposed various truths that must not give a shock to the keen observers. He points out Trump humbly bragging that his building at 40 Wall Street become the city’s tallest building. This becomes when in the repercussions of the plane attack on the World Trade Center. He also knocks the bottom out of that Trump made the claim that he was at Ground Zero of the attacks. This was shortly after they occurred and helped to clear the rubble. But it was later found, there is no record of Trump being on the grounds.

Avalon also brings in the contrast that Trump did not pay any aid to the workers. And this was earlier claimed by the President. Mr. Trump also claimed that he witnessed Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks. Although they were not found to be true across major media organizations. And also the donations the wealthy businessman gave to the Twin Towers Fund. Thus was also falsely claimed. As there is no such record of the donation. This is how CNN mocked President Donald Trump for his made-up stories. CNN aired this segment on Friday. President Donald Trump has a history of making unfounded claims and misleading statements on the 9/11 attack.

Key background

We have already seen that president Donald Trump is always in controversy for his false claims. He is known for making brash, controversial, and wild statements before his presidency in 2016. There are various proofs that have revealed. These proofs show the Trump’s misleadings and false claims. If we consider the ongoing situation of the pandemic. This is observed that around 58% of the Americans do have a belief in him.

Although he had lied about 9/11 which is a fear for many politicians he won anyway. There are a series of catastrophic lies. And today he is presiding over his own massive elite policy failure.

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