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Celtic players received words of encouragement from family members

Celtic players received words of encouragement from family members

We all love basketball. There are ample amounts of basketball fans across the map. Basically, the upcoming match of Boston Eastern Conference against Toranat Rappers will be a little different. This will be a semi-final match. As we all are aware of Coivd-19 things are little changed. Eventually, this match will conduct without fans. Adding to that, Celtic player’s family members are also not allowed. This is a tough time for both Celtic players and their loved ones.

Surprise for Celtic Players

The Boston Celtics is a big team. Basically, the team has achieved a lot of accomplishments. Sadly, Celtic players are away from their families for two months. Both players and their families must have missed each other a lot in this due time. Kudos to modern technology. Surprisingly, Celtic players get a surprised message from their family before Game 7.

Celtic players received words of encouragement from family members

Beautiful messages for players

Celtic players like Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Daniel Theis, Kemba Walker, they have started every game in the playoffs except one. All these players received words of encouragement from family members before Game 7. Surprisingly, all the Celtic players were handed an iPad in their Disneyland Hotel rooms. Each iPad had messaged from their family members. Starting from, Tatum and Walker’s mothers to Theis’ wife and kids to Brown’s grandfather, who trained the 23-year-old during the NBA’s hiatus. Eventually, all players got their message from their loved ones.

The smile on the Player’s face

Furthermore, seeing those messages all players got a smile on their faces. Basically, it was much needed by the players. A little boost up, encouragement made the player happy. Actually in the video, Brown, admitted a fact. It is difficult for players to stay away from their family members and loved ones. Moreover, this small gesture from their respective families lightens the player’s mood.
Basically, we all need support from our family members and loved ones. It is necessary that we surround our self with positive people. Eventually, little encouragement from family can make tough days easy. Surprisingly, Celtic players got messages from their families. Surely, it was a nice gesture from their families. So keep yourself surrounded by family, loved one’s, friends.

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