Cat Zingano defeats Gabby Holloway in Bellator debut

Cat Zingano defeats Gabby Holloway in Bellator debut

In her Bellator debut, Cat Zingano successfully defeated Gabby Holloway via unanimous decision (29-27, 30-26, 30-26). Zingano and Holloway faced each other at Bellator 245 on Friday, 11th September. The match took place in Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut. In the first two rounds, Zingano was sailing smoothly. However, she held off in the third round but regained control soon. Even though the Bellator debut occurred late for  Cat Zingano, it was definitely worth the wait!

Cat Zingano defeats Gabby Holloway in Bellator debut

Round One and Two

The first two rounds were simple yet intense. Naturally, they were in Zingano’s favor. The first round started with classic punches and saves. Both of them tried to attack each other with their own strategies. Although, Zingano was able to take control better than Holloway. Further, they engaged in a clinch against the fence. Zingano tactfully handled the clinches by landing several short knees. Zingano sealed the first round by taking Holloway in a body lock takedown. She went for an elbow punch. However, Holloway did a great job limiting the damage.

In the second round, Zingano started throwing leg kicks at first. Then, she went for a classic body lock takedown. Holloway was quite vulnerable in this round. She was more focused on defending herself and getting out of danger. With Holloway in such a state, Zingano made her move and landed a knee to her body. Anyhow, Zingano continued protecting herself but made no further attempts to get in a better position.

The Final Round

Zingano seemed to have fallen soft in this round. Initially, she managed to overpower Holloway and wrestled her to the ground. But, Holloway fought back stronger. She executed a graceful toss and moved into full mount. The way she strategically took over the third round was staggering. Zingano struggled to escape from her clutches. Ultimately, Zingado got back into the game and regained control. Alas, Holloway could not get her lead back. She was pushed down by Zingano’s continuous punches and blows. Later, the blowing horn marked the end of the fight with Zingano in the lead.

More about Zingano and Holloway

Zingano started her career with 9-0 after knocking out Amanda Nunes. However, the UFC tenure did not end well. She was submitted by Ronda Rousey in 14 seconds in her title shot and lost four of her last five fights in the promotion. She made her featherweight debut in her last match. Unfortunately, she lost and returned with an eye injury. The Bellator 245 victory was Zingano’s third career decision win.

As for Halloway, Bellator was her first fight in almost four years. Previously, she spent several years overseas serving the United States military. In her last fight, Holloway knocked out Alexis Dufresne at Bellator 174 on March 3, 2017. That improved her career record to 6-5. However, this loss was her fourth one in the last five bouts.

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