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Tribute in Light, memorial for the victims of 9/11, Philip K. Howard

Tribute in Light, memorial for the victims of 9/11, Philip K. Howard

20 Years before an  Incident shooked the world with fear and terror. The Incident that took the lives of Innocent Humans. It was 9/11. When the world trade center was put to its end. The fall was not the fall of two skyscrapers, but of humanity and dreams. The people who survived it, are still afraid of the massacre that took place that day. The memories of the incident are still fresh in the mind of citizens of the USA.

Every year ceremonies are organized to remember the people who lost their lives in the terror attacks. But amid the COVID Pandemic, things have been changed on a larger scale.

Tribute in Light, memorial for the victims of 9/11, Philip K. Howard

Tribute in Light, Calls to make the memorial permanent

New York attorney Philip K. Howard, was the leading man who helped in the creation of the committee which was behind the creation of Tribute In Light Memorial for the sufferers of 9/11. He called to convert the places into permanent memorial amid it was canceled seeing the outgrowth of the fatal COVID Virus in the country.

There are two lights that are placed in symmetry like the WTO Twin Towers were built. ” The lights give a feeling of infinity and relief to the people say, “We need to make the lights permanent, “The 9/11 Museum is beautiful. But it’s not the same as the lights.” states Howard.”With the 20th Anniversary coming, Howard plans to make the memorial permanent. The concept as proposed by architect Richard Nash Gould involves a site at Ground Zero where the lights would remain housed in a subterranean home and raised above ground around September 11.

The first emergence of the memorial can be traced back to the year 2002, March 11. After many planning and negotiations, It became a reality because of the efforts of Gould and Howard — then chairman of the Municipal Arts Society and David Rockefeller. The speculations of the Memorial ceremony being canceled amid the COVID Pandemic surfaced the Internet and media.  For the last few months, but the immediate action taken by the Howard reversed the decisions.

Changes in the ceremonial structure

The COVID Pandemic has raised fear. So to maintain social distancing and ensuring the safety of citizens changes have been made in the ceremony. This year no stage will be seen, Although speakers for reding names will be present.

Hand sanitizer stations and masks will be installed by the crew in Lower Manhatten. Although pre-recorded names by the families of victims will be streamed online on Friday. The bells signifying each attack will also be rung. Although, victim families are allowed to gather near the plaza. On Saturday, it is expected to be open for the general public amid ensuring all the social distancing and sanitization norms.

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