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Kamala Harris wears Converse shoes while on campaign

It’s just really cool

People are applauding Kamala Harris for her recent fashion pick that many feel inspiring and resemblant. The Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris reached Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Monday.

She showed up for a campaign donning a laid-back outfit that includes a navy blazer, skinny jeans, and a blacktop. Nonetheless, it was the senator’s low-rise black Converse, that captured the attention of the crowd.

Kamala Harris Prioritises Comfort

However, Kamala Harris has worn Converse while campaigning quite frequently wore them during her own presidential run. She prefers to wear the Chuck Taylor All-Stars in a recent appearance which revived the applauds on social media.

One person tweeted that it is exciting to see Kamala Harris wear Converse, she is choosing comfort over what she is expected to wear. this truly reflects her personality. someone else wrote “It’s just really cool to see this in a Veep candidate. It really is.”

It’s just really cool

Owning a whole collection of Chuck Taylor

Many are asking for Converse collaboration with Kamala Harris but no official statement has been released yet. The politician continues to wear her Converse while making a fashion statement.

In a 2018 interview, she claimed that she owns numerous pairs of converse. Harris says that she has a whole collection of Chuck Taylors including a black leather pair; a white pair, with lace and without lace, the platform kind that goes well with a pantsuit.

The Opinions of the Analyst

Analysts say Harris might have chosen to wear converse shoes to connect in a better way with the youngster demographic. There might be something more to her picking converse. Converse was the first sporting brand to name shoes after a sports star— basketball player Chuck Taylor, they are also known to be an every-person kind of a shoe, a comfortable pair, non-controversial.

The Reflection of Harris’ Upbringing Makes Her the Best Candidate

Having a multi-cultural background of Indian and Afro-American decency, Kamala Harris might have preferred to wear these practical shoes to mix in with the crowd. Throughout her career, She has, pledged to be practical, but for making necessary changes like getting convictions for smaller crimes, marijuana use, and absence from schools.

This also reflects her upbringing by a single mother. This comes into light in an interview with Mindy Kaling when she spoke about her mother and how they used to store spices in coffee jars along with the fact that they prefer home-cooked meals.

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