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Julie and the Phantoms, Netflix’s new musical comedy series

Julie and the Phantoms, Netflix's new musical comedy series

The OTT platform Netflix has come up with a new series. The series is named ‘Julie and the Phantoms’. The makers just dropped the first season of the show on Thursday. The entire season comprises nine episodes altogether. Come let’s have a quick sneak peek into the world of this musical and comedy series.

Julie and the Phantoms ,The Star Cast

This brand new show stars Charlie Gillespie, Jeremy Shada, and Owen Joyner. The name of the characters played by the actors is Charmed, Adventure Time, and Knight Squad respectively. These three can be seen as 90’s teen rockers. A character named Julie is played by a talented newcomer Madison Reyes. The cast contributes a lot to the fine quality of the series. Simultaneously, provides a greater watching experience.

Julie and the Phantoms , Plot

The 90’s teen rockers meet their collective demise. This unfortunate incident occurs because of the ingesting of some questionable hot dogs ahead of their biggest gig yet. After this, the show moves forward and takes a major leap of 25 years. The character of a young musician named Julie is introduced. Julie exhibits the ability to communicate with the ghostly trio. Initially, Julie remains the only individual who can see the boys. But soon it is discovered by her that by singing with them, the guys can be made visible to the entire world. Now this proves to be an absolute game-changer for the boys. The story moves ahead with interesting twists and turns.

A fun series

This series proves to be a musical roller coaster. With amazing music, interesting twists, and turns the series remains successful in keeping the audience hooked. This musical show portrays the story with a fun factor. The unanticipated turns in the story make it a must-watch for everyone. This show showcases the power of music and the power of love. Love and music create powerful collective magic that adds a lot to the viewer’s experience. Julie and the Phantoms weave multiple stories of love throughout its first season. It’s a musical packed fun series providing a great experience. The series makes a massive effort in engaging the viewers with a different storyline.

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