Jonty Rhodes has been appointed as Sweden’s head coach

Jonty Rhodes
Jonty Rhodes

Jonty Rhodes who is a former South African Test player now has been appointed as Sweden head coach. He is taken into consideration as part of plans for the growth and development of the game. This was announced on Thursday by the country’s cricket foundation. This is done as a part of efforts to invest in junior cricket. To bring the high performance and the growth of the sport in the country the decision was made. This growth has seen a 300% increase in cricket participation over the last two years. However, Rhodes is and the greatest fielder of all the time. Later, he had been associated with the IPL for many years. He played the role of coach to various franchises I’m the IPL. He is considered that he will take Swedish cricket to next level. The growth towards the junior target will be achieved under him.

Interesting facts

There are various controversies and facts about Jonty Rhodes. But one is the most common one. He called for hockey trials for the 1996 Olympics. But due to his surgery, he was ruled out. Later he was voted as one of the Wisden Cricketers of the year 1999. After this, he was also voted 29th in the top 100 South Africans. This vote was in SABC3’s Great South African television series.

Jonty Rhodes Career

During his journey as a cricketer, he was not given much importance as batting or bowling. Until and unless he proved himself. He was very agile and made an important position in the field. The cricket did not come naturally to him. He was very hardworking and maintained a position in the best players. Eventually, he made it into the team only because of his fielding prowess. Later he soon realized that he has to contribute with the bat as well. And in that, he proved himself as well. He was one of the first cricketers who took parental leave. After his retirement from cricket, he worked as an account executive. He was even an appointment as the brand ambassador for India. He is considered as one of the fine players in his field. Now as he appointed as the coach sure he will make his name in that as well.

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