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Fox Sports disagree with Skip Bayless ‘insensitive comments’

Fox Sports
Fox Sports

Fox Sports and skip Bayless are not in good terms. They are pointing fingers at each other. Basically, Skip Bayless made some offending comment on Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dark Prescott. Precisely it happened on Thursday when Bayless commented on Dark Prescott comment. So as a result of that, Fox Sports and Skip Bayless comments don’t match with each other.

What’s the issue

Actually, it all started when Dark Prescott give an interview with Grahan Bensinger. In an interview, talked about that he had experienced symptoms of depression during the offseason.
Contrary to that, Bayless did not like players talking about depression. Bayless thinks that Dark is in charge of the football team. He is commending on the entire franchise, and they all looking up as their CEO. He is the quarterback of the American team. So he shouldn’t have to talk about depression.

Fox Sports respond

Responding to this, Fox does not agree with Bayless. They said they are proud of Dark. It is not easy to open about mental illness. He has the courage op talk about it. According to Fox, Prescott has a good personality, good leader. Both on and off the field he is terrific as per the Fox.

Why it started

Basically, Dark Prescott’s brother Jake Prescott died. Jake Prescott was afoot player at North-eastern State in Louisiana 2008-2010. He was a Dark older brother and he committed suicide.
Reported, Dark Prescott was talking about this incident. How it affected him badly.

“All throughout this quarantine and this off season, I started experiencing emotions I’ve never felt before,” he told Bensinger.

He added that he suffered from anxiety. And slowly steadily it leads to depression. He hadn’t slept at all due to this. Bayless commented on all this is a very rude manner. In response to Bayless, Dark thinks differently. According to him, being a leader is about being genuine and being real. Furthermore, when he addressed depression, he realized that his friends and many other people also go through this. So all this, the verbal fight happened between Dark Prescott and Skip Bayless. Fox supported Dark Prescott. Prescott’s brother died, it is a tough journey. Many people and other celebrities come in support of Prescott.