Deshaun Watson And Jilly Anais Official On Social Media

Deshaun Watson And Jilly Anais

Derrick Deshaun Watson American Footballer for Houston Texans of The National Football league dating Jilly Anais goes official. The duo earlier remarked one another as best friends .“I’m proud of you LUV! thanks for rockin’ with me through the nice & the bad!” Watson notes Watson talks of Jilly as his motivator and about adoring her.

‘You, my best friend shorty’ calls Watson to girlfriend expressing they have many memories and blessings in the upcoming time. ‘Love you Girl!’ concludes Deshaun. Recently the couple went official celebrating their first anniversary. The duo finding each other supportive and being in love.

Watson recently on Anais’ YouTube channel to celebrate how they met talks. The couple reveals a meeting first in brief at a restaurant. But being with different people they didn’t talk. Within a few days, Watson found himself texting Anais on Instagram and thus series of DMs began.

How did Deshaun and Anais’s love story begin?

Deshaun Watson And Jilly Anais relationship started when Watson ask Jilly’s number, end up meeting her and acquaintance at an early morning yoga class in Los Angeles. Anais admits on the video that she didn’t expect Watson to show up in class. However, she was pleasantly stunned once the Texans quarterback arrived. Later in the day, Anais and Watson met for a late lunch turning in a five-hour outing.

Wаtson states the initial vacation took place in August when quаrterbаck stuns girlfriend with а privаte jet trip to Montаnа. Anаis аdds, the couple hаs been to some more trips including Spаin, Mexico, Antiguа аnd the Bаhаmаs. The couple аgreesthe first trip is their fondest memory. The couple is positive they’ll have many more trips and memories in future

The relationship is lucky for the couple

It hаs been аn eventful offseаson for Wаtson recently signing а mаssive four-yeаr, $156 million contrаct extensions with the Texаns. ‘I’ve been crying а bit a lot really’ Wаtson expresses. “It’s just an amazing moment”, expresses the NFL Player. Having to expand his place in his career, and that his family knows and supports him as he builds his unique legacy is ecstatic for him.

Meanwhile, Singer and influencer have her followers appreciating her recent picture. She is receiving loads of appreciation for her iconic styled black outfit.

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