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Alicia Keys Launch $1 billion fund to Support Small black Businesses

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys signs up with NFL album fame “You don’t know my name”. The main objective behind the compilation in the support of businesses and communities owned by Blacks. The recent Movement named as “Black Lives Matter” has triggered the world to rethink about Apartheid.  Alicia would be performing in the NFL 2020 season. Sources states- She wanted to raise social awareness for the cause. And she was always keen to use her platform and talent to promote it.

Alicia Keys: Fund an insight to make the world a better place

The establishment of the fund has an objective to support various problems that the world faces today. Amid the Global and fatal COVID Pandemic, the brutal killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and others followed up by protests and demonstrations had led the world in a state of insecurity.

Alicia Keys stated in a recent interview about her tie-up – This $1 billion is to ensure a substantial commitment. The fund will be invested to support the Blacks institutions, schools, banks, and other platforms. The task is to make the fund a permanent growing fund. Instead of being a one-time charity fund.

The next step will be to reach the major economic industries and businesses. And further for their tie-ups and investments. Helping to create a multi-billion dollar endowment for the future.

Latest Steps Of NFL

NFL starts to support the racial injustice campaigns as, in recent times, the league was poked for scrutiny. The publicized issue of Colin Kaepernick increased the problem of the NFL. He subsequently filed a grievance against the league in the past accusing owners of colluding to keep him out of the NFL. Also, he showed his emotions by taking a knee during the national anthem in the year 2016.

Those issues have forced the commissioner of the League Roger Goodell, to take a more strong and stringent commitment against the injustices.NFL in late august also announced a deal with -Jay-Z’s Roc Nation which is the agency that manages Keys Notions on social services and works.

Keys also stated further stating Colin Kaepernick – “She has always been inspired By the commitments and acts of Colin that he always took for Social injustice and had shown the courage to raise his voice for the issue.”

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