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AirSoap, first home air purifier by PhoneSoap, its sanitization theme


Following its sanitization theme, PhoneSoap has now entered the air-purification game. Recently, the company introduced its first air purifier, AirSoap. As we know, the air-purifying market is already crowded. Likewise, most people have also chosen their favorite brands. Regardless, PhoneSoap has challenged the entire industry by introducing the same product, but with a twist.

Technical features of AirSoap

One of the main features of this product named the Electric Wind creates a high-energy plasma field. The company claims that it kills bacteria as air passes through it. It not only sanitizes the air but also removes tiny particles like pollen, dander, and dust mites. Thus, this feature reduces allergy symptoms and improves sleep quality.

The Electric Wind System is backed up by reusable graphene collecting plates. These plates gather up germs and collect particulate matter. PhoneSoap also claims that the plates can collect these undesired particles more easily after the plasma field ionizes the air. Moreover, unlike expensive filters that clog over time, the graphene plates are reusable and dishwasher friendly. Plus, the HEPA filters used by AirSoap can trap airborne flotsam as small as 80 nanometers.

Other Significant Features

Another significant and very important feature is that the AirSoap is comparatively silent. Despite being a powerful air purifier, the product lacks noise. This makes it extremely house-friendly. Additionally, it uses less energy making it quite budget-friendly as well.

PhoneSoap’s purifier features adjustable fan speeds along with an automatic mode. Further, they are “whisper quiet” which is why there is less noise. The purifier can cover a room up to 400 square feet. Even though some of the features are automatic, the purifier cannot be connected to any of the smart devices. It relies on the controls on-device strictly.


More about the company

Initially, the company came up with a mobile sanitization product called PhoneSoap. It uses UV-C lights that can sanitize your phone within 10 minutes. The Pro version takes lesser time to sanitize your phone. This is a good concept because your phone can harbor up to 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom. The light eliminated bacteria right in the DNA. It is an effective method that is also used in hospitals and labs. Later, the company came up with a larger version and called it HomeSoap. Naturally, it is useful to sanitize larger items.

The AirSoap is available for $399.99. One can place the order directly on PhoneSoap’s website. It can also be found on websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

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