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9/11 attacks : A timeline of biggest tragedy in United States

9/11 attacks
9/11 attacks

The 9/11 attacks shook the United States. Thus it had a huge impact globally. This attack is one of the iconic sites in New York. The attack is also known as the September 11 attacks. However, this was a series of four coordinated suicide attacks by the terrorist groups. The group’s name was al-Qaeda. this group had hijacked four airplanes and carried out suicide attacks. When the two planes entered between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Later the third plane hit the Pentagon just outside the Washington D.C. The fourth plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It was observed that almost 3,000 people had been killed. This attack has also had a very strong impact on George W. Bush’s presidency. It has triggered various major U.S. initiatives to combat terrorism.

9/11 attacks: America’s response

However, the country didn’t keep quiet. They come back and proved themselves. The president had taken immediate action. This includes rescue operations at the site of the World Trade Center. Also the grounding of civilian aircraft. They also took long term action which includes several investigations, legislative changes, and military action and restoration projects. This was all

Facts about the attack

There were around 3,000 people who were killed and 400 police officers and firefighters. After the attack, around 1.8 million tons of wreckage was recovered. It took around 9 months from the WTC site. Until 2006 there was no video published in Pentagon attack publically. The police and the fire departments did not have coordinated responses with each other. 18 people were also rescued alive from the rubble of the World Trade Center site. Later in 2019, the US Senate passed the bill ensuring that a fund to compensate victims of the September 11 attacks. More than half of the agents in the FBI worked to identify the attackers and their supporters. It was included over half-a-million investigate leads. There were several hundred thousand tips from the public.


The government had detained the major names that came in the attack. There were around thirteen people who were caught as a detainee. There were many people who were falsely labeled as terrorists. Hence, there is hope that any country must not face such terror attacks.

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