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wildfires get worse, red and orange sky across Western states

wildfires get worse, red and orange sky across Western states

The record-setting wildfires in Colorado, Oregon, California, and Washington are a matter of great distress. The fire is exhibiting numerous harmful elements. Air pollution tops the list among the most dangerous elements. The orange skies and smoky air are enough to understand the adversity of the situation.

Massive wildfires

Currently, mankind is fighting a long battle against some tough health situations. The arrival of the global pandemic COVID-19 placed an enormous challenge in front of the humans. But nature seems to have taken the disrupting side. The massive wildfires are a matter of great concern. The fire is increasing at a rapid rate in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California. Earlier evacuation plans were made to ensure the safety of the masses. The severity of the situation is increasing rapidly and adequate ways need to be found.

wildfires get worse, red and orange sky across Western states

Orange and smoky skies

The sky turned completely orange. If you think that this was a beautiful sight to capture then you are sadly mistaken. This sudden change in the sky’s color was due to the containment caused by the wildfires. The fire is ejecting soot, ash, and smoke into the air amid searing heat. This ejection is leading to the containment of air with harmful substances in abundance. Due to this, the air has turned absolutely smoky. Also, thick clouds of particles are wafting over cities and rural areas. This has to lead to the change in the color and the sky appears to be ruddy.

The arrival of health issues

The smoke caused by the fire is filled with numerous toxic particles. The smoke may be one of the biggest health threats from wildfires to the people. This marks the arrival of several health issues. The risk is not only for the people who are close to the areas but also for those who are a hundred miles apart from the flames. Air pollution occupies the first spot in the list of harmful effects caused by the blazing fires. This will lead to several cardiac and breathing issues and is going to affect people in the long run.

The eerie glow

The tiny motes of smoke are capable of scattering the light in the best way possible. The dimming of the Sun created a midday twilight in the respective areas. The skies turned completely ruddy. People grasped the opportunity and took morning pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge covered in smoke. The eerie glow is a sign of the arrival of some major health threats.

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