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TikTok discuss With U.S. to refrain from full sale


TikTok is a well-known app. It is widely used across the globe by millions of people. This musical app is in heated controversy. It’s basically an app for making short videos; lip-synching, dancing, singing. It is owned by Chinese based ByteDance. The USA and China are not in good terms. So USA President Trump has given orders to TikTok to share a portion of profit with an American company(Microsoft). If this didn’t happen, it will get banned from the USA.

What’s the issue

According to Trump, TikTok can be a threat to the USA. China could use It to trace the location of federal employees, build dossiers on people for blackmail and conduct cooperate espionage.
On contrary to this, ByteDance has denied all these allegations. As per them, they don’t share data with the Chinese government. Moreover, Washington and Beijing are not in good terms. This issue is attracting more limelight.

TikTok in the USA

It is not easy to ban TikTok. Firstly, 100 million TikTok users are in the USA. Secondly, banning TikTok may lead a trump to several legal and political consequences.
Thankfully, Trump understands this before time only. By September 15, Mr president said to the company to make a deal with US-based Microsoft and let them purchase the app. He has given warnings to the company, if they will not sell it will get banned in the USA.


Furthermore, Microsoft is a USA based company so it will not be a threat to the USA.
Microsoft will ensure that the TikTok user data is secured. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, and trump have talked on this issue.
Whether they are on the deal or not will be clear by September 15.

To conclude, a quarrel is going on between the USA and China over an App. Moreover, It will be all clear by September 15, whether TikTok have comprised of the USA or not. TikTok is not an unpopular app, it is widely used by people. Earlier Tik Tok got banned in India for the same reason, national security. Now that same issue is going in the USA. China is not in good terms with many countries across the globe. So it is necessary for the government to take severe actions to protect national security.



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