Social dilemma Netflix : about the Catastrophic effect of social media

Social dilemma Netflix Review : about the Catastrophic effect of social media

Uninstall Facebook – Check, Uninstall Instagram- Check, Uninstall Whatsapp- Ch… Wait for a second! Let’s do Social dilemma: A reality check. Before you think I’m suggesting this to you I’m not. But, Social Dilemma is. The ‘Social Dilemma’ Netflix Documentary talks about the Catastrophic effect of social media all around the globe. Tristan Harris, President, and Co-founder of The Center For Humane Technology and Former Google employee discuss the threat of Social Media.

The documentary actively discusses how shortcoming is on our part. It’s customarily because most apps are crafted in a manner to grasp our attention and make us serve the app then it is the opposite. The Social Dilemma Premiered on Sundance Film Festival in January and Netflix acquiring it shortly after. There isn’t anything that we didn’t already know but has the right way to scare us to the core.

If you think you’re tech-savvy and you know how to protect yourself. Think again. While we relax watching memes and videos, the sites do their work. Capitalistic nature of technology is putting our lives in danger.

Social dilemma Netflix Review : about the Catastrophic effect of social media

Are you a target of this harsh reality?

It is no doubt. If former Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook executives go on record stating how their privacy was threatened, we’re no exceptions. We may say our data is protected from those sitting at Silicon Valley. Is our data really just ours. You secretly go to a restaurant biting on your favorite slice of pizza all by yourself. You come out in the feeling that your diet secret is ‘safe’. When suddenly google asks how was Pizza at the particular restaurant.

Director Jeff Orlowski takes no hiding reality. As he puts Harris on the stand to speak about the tech’s industry’s wicked ways. Jeff Seibert, Former Executive at Twitter explains every sole action that we are under monitor and record. How long a picture is on view, the content, and the like ‘Every little thing’. 

Jaron Lanier the Prime Virtual reality Check Computer Scientist enforcing ‘we are the product’ is an old tactic of the tech industry. Slightly twisting what we think how we think. He adds if we ask people to give us $10 Million to change the world 1% percent, and given its world, it’ll require a lot more.

McNamee throws light on how Facebook is individual use oriented. Skyler Gisondo and Vincent Kartheiser as putting themselves Facebook addict and part of evil algorithm respectively. However, at this point, Social Dilemma gives reality check whatever we do to bring the change in our privacy nothing counts. Because deed is all done right before we started thinking.

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