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Mr. Porter launches Menswear Collection Inspired by ‘The Kingsman’

Mr. Porter Collection
Mr. Porter Collection

Mr. Porter launches its all-new collection of Menswear-inspired by Disney’s ‘The King’s Man’, although the movie “The King’s Man” is set to release on February 26 there’s no stopping for Mr. Porter from releasing the brand new Kingsman collection. As a result of the delay, some of the pieces were launched on 9th September 2020.

Impeccable designs that Mr.Porter Showcased Through Other Movies

In 2015, Mr. Porter launched the Kingsman brand in collaboration with the first movie, “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” Consequently, Mr. Porter has designed 12 more separate Kingsman collections in association with multiple renowned men’s brands. Sam Kershaw buying director of Mr. Porter stated that with or without collaborating with movies, Kingsman Collection was always released in September.

What Makes the Kingsman Collection Different From Others?

The main point of difference and significance of this collection by Mr.Porter that it is inspired by the period World War 1 of ‘The King’s Man’. It is based on an origin story, eventually, the costumes are reflections of the impeccable tailoring and way of dress of the time, with a prologue to classic military styles, a trope in menswear that abides as that of today. We took special care to execute accurately that reflect the period, meanwhile contemporizing this menswear for our Mr. Porter customer.

Michele Clapton, the 6 Time Emmy Award Winner Co-Created the Kingsman Costume

The Kingsman Collection became a separate brand after the 12th edition. The King’s Man’s costume was co-developed by designer Michele Clapton, a six-time Emmy Award winner. The collection of 170-piece is the third movie to associate with Mr. Porter. The 12th season has become a separate brand of Kingsman. Similarly, in other seasons, this latest collection consists of flawless tailored menswear and accessories from British brands that encompass Turnbull & Asser shirting, William Lockie knitwear, George Cleverley shoes, and Lock & Co. hats.

The Reflection of Michele Clapton Designs is Captivating

Michele Clapton, the co-costume designer of the movie ‘The Kingsman’, and a 6 Time Emmy Award Winner did a massive job in designing the costumes that reflect both the story and its characters while blending elegant and wearable with a touch of that is similar with the other collections. there is no double Kingsman tailoring, the iconic blueprint of the brand, returns in all its glory. Adding to the well known double-breasted styles, that have been upgraded with a four-button silhouette, along with this there is an array of three-piece suits, which men of that time frequently wore.

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