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K-9 team Derek and Jara, guest on “Dr. Phil” show

K-9 team Derek and Jara
K-9 team Derek and Jara

K-9 team Derek and Jara on “Dr.Phil” Talk Show. The latest episode of the show will be featuring the hidden heroes. The Duo has rocked the Internet with their acts of Bravery and courage. Having a fan following of “Dr.Phil” worldwide, the duo is all ready to reveal its skills and power of understanding in front of the audience.

Someone has rightly said, “Dogs are the best friend of a human”.The quote certainly fits on Deputy Jara. She is known for her bravery and courage all over the world. The duo of Sheriff Morell and Deputy Jara came in limelight in the year 2019 June. When the team found a missing boy just within the right time and the boy was finally saved.

Deputy Jara Rocks

To the people who are unaware of the brave works of Jara, may surely know that Jara is a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois from K9 Working Dogs International LLC. The Officer has proved her worth and intelligence after the successful completion of many of her tough cases. She has seized and caught many of the Drugs and other disturbing elements of the society successfully. Deputy Jara is also honored with Heroic Dog Award from PETA.

In July 2019, A lady reported about her missing child to the police, The policemen and team straight away ran in search of child. But no one was able to relocate the child, Then came Deputy Jara who with her mastered smelling skills sniffed the boy trapped inside the car. The poor boy who locked himself unknowingly inside the car was made to be reunited with his mother again.

K-9 team Derek and Jara: The episode is all set to be aired

In December 2019, the Executive Producers of the show arranged an all-expenses-paid trip to Hollywood for the duo. Just after the shooting they also met American singer and songwriter-Meghan Trainor.

The dynamic duo is scheduled to make their national television debut at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9, on NBC networks. Deputy Sheriff Morell is currently serving as the team leader of the canine program.

On interpreting his experience with Dr. Phil he stated-“Dr.Phil is a very generous and kind person and we got more than we deserved. Jara was the showstopper the moment she met everyone. It’s my honor and privilege to work with her. Most of the time, I’m on the dumb end of the leash with her leading the way. She’s an amazing asset to our agency and the community we serve.”

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