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Joe Biden reveals manufacturing tax plan, criticizes Trump

On 9th September, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden visited Warren, Michigan. He spoke about President Trump. During a campaign Joe Biden also revealed his concerns about manufacturing tax. He also expressed his dissatisfaction regarding Trump’s ways and criticized the President a lot. This has given rise to a massive battle between the two. The issue is gonna add more to the ongoing political drama.

Joe Biden reveals manufacturing tax plan, criticizes Trump

Prior knowledge

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is an active American politician. He has also served as the 47th Vice President of the United States of America for a long tenure of eight years. Biden is also a presidential nominee for the 2020 election against his massive competitor Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is serving as the current President of the United States of America after the Hon’ble former President Barack Obama. President Trump faces a lot of criticism. But is always in a savage mood to deal with these stuff.

An epic battle

President Trump and Democrat, Joe Biden are the competitors for the further elections. Two are aggressively seeking to exploit the weakness in each other’s respective treatment of American workers. Biden hosted a campaign on Wednesday that took place in Michigan. While delivering his speech, Joe expressed his dissatisfaction with the work done by the President. He discussed how Trump had fallen well short of his promises. The Democrat also revealed his new proposal to penalize American companies for moving service and manufacturing jobs overseas. Then eventually selling their respective products back in the United States. This has led to the beginning of an epic battle of words between the two.

2020 elections

By striking an aim at Trump he said, “He now hopes we don’t notice what he said, or won’t remember. He’s failed our economy and our country. ” Well President Trump is also planning to hold a campaign rally in Freeland, Michan on Thursday. Now it’ll be very interesting to see how the President counters this criticism. Also, all this is raising the political heat. It’s going to be a great sight to witness how the statics of American politics are going to vary. It will be damn fascinating to know the results of the further elections that are going to held this year.

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