Captain Marvel sequel in work with a female director, 2022 release

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel part 1 was an epic blockbuster. It was made by MCU(marvel cinematic universe). It is an American media franchise. Basically, the movies revolve around series of the superhero. Marvel movies are produced by marvel studios. When the first part of the captain Marvel was out, it created quite a buzz.  Surprisingly, It was the first time that Marvel Studios have made a movie around a female superhero. Marvel fans are across the globe. Surprisingly, everyone watches Marvel.

Captain Marvel 2

Brie Larson will be in lead as earlier. Brie Larson will play the role of Carol Danvers / Vers / Captain Marvel. As per the reports, the actor did a great job in the first part. She is a versatile actor. Amazingly, she gives justice to all of her roles. Her work was appreciated by the audience. Reportedly, we will see her in part 2.

As per the information, it will be produced by Kevin Feige. Eventually, The screenplay will be in hands of Megan McDonnel. Eventually, it is a fantasy and adventure movie. It is the first time, that a Marvel movie is based on a single female superhero.

 Marvel 2 director

Marvel is looking for a new director for the sequel. Reportedly, NIA DaCosta can direct the Captian Marvel sequel.
Previously, she has directed the anticipated reboot of the candy man. Reportedly, she is the choice of Marvel for captain Marvel 2 director. Captain Marvel part one was directed by Anna Bond and Rayn Fleck. Preciously, they did an amazing job in the first part of the movie. This time director will be, Nia DaCosta. Furthermore, no official statement is out till now. Mostly, Marvel changes its directors. It, not the first time that the director has been replaced. Previously, also directors of the popular franchises got to switch.

Reportedly, Captain marvel 1 did an amazing job the first time. Now MCU is taking forward Captain marvel Basically, people loved and admire the first part. Wonderfully, It gets a lot of applaud from the audience across the globe. Reportedly,  they are coming with a Captain Marvel sequel with a new director, NIA DaCosta. Reportedly, it will be released by the year 2020. Fans wait for the second part.