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Call of Duty : Black Ops Cold War trailer reactions ,early access beta

Call of duty
Call of duty

Call of the Duty: Black Ops Cold War, The trailer release has mesmerized gamers. Featuring multiplayer mode,5 new maps, and a sneak peek to Different Modes.

The game will also be supporting cross-platform and cross-generation gameplay. New modes like Vip Escort, Combined Arms, and Fireteam are coming to take your gaming skills to a new level. The second part of the launch had real gameplay. Carried out by Pros and popular content creators on PS5. Live elucidation by  Clint ‘Maven’ Evans and Merc acted as “Cheery on the Cake. Nickmercs, Scump, TylerTeeP, FaZe Priestahh, Jericho, TimTheTatMan were a great add on in the event.

Call of Duty: Reactions of The Players

As for gaming lovers, The first proves to be hard the same was them too. The new modes surprised them, grasping on new modes ith unknown territories made it hard for these pros. Vehicles flying, Explosions everywhere all this created huge chaos among them. But in the end, they were successful to slay their opponents. Their Initial reactions were surprising although.

These reactions are the proof the game is going to be superhit in the market so. The new features are a treat to gamers.


Call of Duty

Features to blow your mind

The new features introduced by the gaming company are head to toe sparkling. Everything is so perfect. The features which will surely make you fall in love with the game are

Headlines and stories are amazing. In Black Ops Cold War, You have the choice to choose skilled operators from all around the globe, The feature will be both available in Multiplayer and Single. You have the option to customize your Operations and can land and experience to deniable operations from all over the world.

Favorite MP Modes are returning. Fans of traditional 6v6 combat Time to shout out loud. The modes you loved are to be back with some new ones too. 12v12 game type that combines infantry warfare and vehicular combat is also on the floor. All Brand New!!

Fireteam, a new category of Multiplayer game modes were 10 teams of four face off against one another in large-scale maps featuring an assortment of vehicles to commandeer and objectives to complete as you best see fit. The features are surely giving goosebumps to every game lover. Do play and share your reactions!!

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